Sunday, August 23, 2009

Inspirational Wedding

Click here to see a wedding that I loved.  It's simple and rustic, but has a lot of class and romance and was done for under $10K.  I was originally drawn to it because the bridal attire was similar to what our Creede bride has expressed wanting.  Her dress can be found for only $189 at this website.  And she made her own veil & hairpiece.


  1. There are so many things that I love about the inspirational wedding! Right down to the white folding chairs and twinkle lights, this couple really did a great romantic wedding on a somewhat modest budget.

    Some things that I loved:
    -Photo booth idea. Maybe not with the vintage dress-up, but some rendition of this idea.
    -The wedding party walking around town before the ceremony taking pics. LOVE the shots that came from this and I know this idea would work beautifully in Creede.
    -Use of both cakes and pies for dessert.
    -Brides dress, friend as a DJ, vintage dishes, etc.
    I totally agree that this wedding really is a good base for ideas and "inspiration" for the desired outcome.

  2. The town of Creede was so perfect for these wedding pics which is what started this whole inspirational blog to begin with.
    There is another bride who wore the same dress in a featured wedding on "real budgets" section. It looked great on that bride too.
    I love the photo booth concept, but would love it so much more if there were a way to have instant pictures so that guests could keep a copy and leave one for the guest book. ? Maybe just a digital camera and a photo printer set up on a table in front of a cool fabric backdrop with a little chalkboard sign asking them to take pictures and print a copy to take home.???