Monday, December 6, 2010

Summer garden wedding inspiration

This wedding inspiration board by Snippet & Ink helps bring the feel we are going for.  Read more here.


I love the little S'mores kits at the reception.

Chair Signs

Cute little tags we could use to reserve seats for family members.

Doily Envelopes

Cute lace-looking envelopes made from square paper doilies for the invitations.

Aisle Decor

Pardon the poor resolution.  

Mason jars covered with a piece of burlap and lace then tied with a green ribbon  and filled with white wildflowers can be used to dress up the aisle in the ceremony area.

Menu board

Love the presentation of the menu.

The bride and groom feel as if there isn't anything more "them" than BBQ due to it's home-like quality and great taste.

Beverage jars

The beverage jars could be presented like this out of the back patio with the guest's names written on one side of the tags and the table names written on the other side. That way, they serve as escort cards to guide the guests to their table inside.

Inspirational wedding

The overall feel and look of this reception is what we are going after!
BBQ Romance


At each place, there would be one of these filled with ???, topped with burlap cloth, tied with jute string and tagged with a small round green tag that says "thank you" on one side and has the guest's name on the other.